Thanksgiving Camping

So much to be Thankful for.  And so many great recipes! As a Canadian this is a cold time to be camping in our Native land.  Visiting our American friends this time of year is great.  It allows us to find warmer climates and visit another awesome country.

So in honour of American Thanksgiving I went looking for the best Thanksgiving camping recipe.  The problem is there are so many awesome recipes out there. As a foodie newbie I am stunned at all the mouth-watering creations a Google search brings up.

So  I thought the best thing to do was provide you links to a few of the coolest, most awesome, and interesting or yummiest recipes my search found.  Rather than copy them and create a super long blog I thought it best to introduce you to some great recipes that other amazing people are sharing.  Enjoy…

The first is

Campfire Roasted Pumpkin Rice….this looks awesome:


The ingredients list is simple.  When you read it I think you will see why I think it will taste awesome.  For great instructions on making Campfire Roasted Pumpkin Rice.

Space limits me providing a turkey recipe here.  But in my experience Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without Mom’s apple pie.  Mom makes the best apple pie ever!



Yet at the campsite there often is not an oven waiting to bake Apple pie.  So what do you do? How about Apple Crisp over the fire!


It is not as pretty.  I have had a version of this before though and it was phenomenal!  For a great camping Apple Crisp Recipe from my friends at Love the Outdoors.

I hope you get to try these recipes some time.  And if you have some to add please email them to me or post below.  We would all love to read them.

Happy Thanksgiving!



8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Camping

  1. My first Thanksgiving with my now Wife, was about 7 years ago and we decided to camp. Our dinner, over the campfire, was beer can chicken. We used a BBQ rub, with a partial can Guiness. It took a while, but it was delicious at the time. Bread was Bannok and dessert was s’mores. It was great.


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