The other day I was asked if I would be willing to sell the Tundra (my truck for those not as excited about trucks as me:)).


The Halloween Look


Now replacing my truck with a Lamborghini would be tough, but I have always loved those sweet lines.



That being said….how would we camp?  The answer of course is a motorhome.  And so the research began.  Below is just one of many videos I have watched in consideration of the idea.



A regular guy with an opinion. What I love about the “democracy of the internet” is everyone is a publisher like this guy.  There are so many honest opinions.  At one point he mentions When your RV breaks, because they do that a lot.  Wow….no  dealer has ever told me that! Lol

I hope you enjoyed.  Do you have a preference for camping?  Let us know below.






Camping and Politics

It is offensive when politicians gain votes by telling us they are going to give us something that already belongs to us. I find it even more offensive when they have to run a deficit to pay for it.  I have to admit though; I do like visiting Canadian parks.




During the last Canadian election one of our political parties offered us free access to Canadian parks for the year.  Well it has arrived and it seems as Mom would say there is no point in “looking a gift horse in the mouth”. Whatever that means!

So get your free admission to Canada’s Parks! And get outside and have some fun camping!  Please tell us below your favourite thing to do at the park…..and while you are at it tweet it out to your friends!






Servicing your trailer

How much servicing do I really need?



Recently I was researching some camper buying tips for a future blog. And it got me thinking about our trailer.  It is 15 years old…we have had it for 3.  Sadly my research couldn’t have been more timely.



This year our awning ripped, one sink developed a leak, and we became concerned about the seals on our trailer.  I am told 15 years for an awning is pretty good.  And the sink…well they were able to fix it for $27….not bad for some plumbing. The seals though, that’s a little different.


Unless you do the work yourself it is hard to tell whether they need scraping and sealing.  So was it worth $300. I think so. My thoughts are the following:

1. After 3 years of ownership they needed checking.  After 15 years of service they needed to be checked regularly.

2.  The most common issue I discovered in my research was leaking.  Not including Airstream trailers I read the rest are built one of 2 ways (to be explained in a future blog).  In both these cases the single biggest destroyer of trailers was water leaks.  Once the water gets into your trailer it spreads through walls and ceilings.  It wreaks destruction and sows the seeds of mould.

Picture of Airstream trailer.  They are very distinct

3.  The price was more than I wanted to spend. Everything is though…Lol.  The protection from future damage for many years of happy trailering is worth the maintenance.

So be wary of water…its great for plants, its great for drinking, it’s not so good for our trailers!  Enjoy the open road!

Please let me know in the space below if there are any other camping subjects you would appreciate blogs on.

Camping Nachos – Guest blog

Please welcome Sarah.  Today she is my guest blogger.  Sarah has an awesome blog called Scrambled Eats. As you might have guessed it is about one of my favourite subjects…food! So please take a moment and check out her blog Scramble Eats!

This past summer I was able to take some time away and go on a much needed camping trip, to Rondeau Provincial Park.  Just off Lake Erie and surrounded by the beautiful Carolinian forest. Camping offers many positive experiences like sleeping under the stars and nature watching. For me it also offers an opportunity to challenge my cooking skills

This time I wanted to try a classic recipe over the fire. Nachos were my goal. I couldn’t resist the thought of  delicious corn chips with cheese oozing at every bite, mixed with the smoky flame of the open campfire. I had to give it a try.

It was a simple concept that went over well with my friends, and has become for me a camping favorite so here goes;

Required tools:

Open pit fire

Legal wood to burn on the site*

Cast iron skillet

Aluminum foil

Oven mitt

Wooden cutting board

Poker stick

Can opener


Corn Nachos

Bag of shredded cheese

Can of chili

jalapeño peppers (I bought the canned variety)

* Learn how to build a camp fire 

While the fire was getting hot, I prepared my pan. I combined my ingredients in a cool skillet to avoid burning. I layered the corn chips first, then the cheese, and finally the chili.  Finally I put the jalapeño peppers on top and covered the whole thing with aluminum foil. The skillet was on the fire for about 10 minutes. I often checked to make sure the fire was not too big, burnt nachos were not on the menu.  I removed the aluminum foil, to make sure that the cheese melted   to the right consistency. Once the cheese on the nachos melted, and the chili was hot, I pulled the whole thing off of the fire. I placed a wooden cutting board underneath the cast iron pan to make sure I wasn’t going to burn the table. Next step? Dig in there, and maybe share with friends!



Do you have a great camping recipe.  Please tell us about it. Either below or email me.  I would love to include it in a future blog.  Or let me know if you might like to be a guest blogger!


Greatest Camping Meal

My favourite camping meal!

What is the greatest camping meal ever.  This is different to the greatest camping snack, or roasting marshmallows (unless that constitutes a full meal for you Lol).  I mean a real meal. Maybe you have a specialty.  For me it is my World Famous (at least world famous to my children) Bacon and Eggs.

The key is to getting up soon enough to start the fire.  You need a roaring fire to be built and then time to allow it to die down.  With a low flame and hot embers giving up heat it is time to cook!


You will need bacon, eggs, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, bread.

The key is having lots of bacon.  The bacon needs to start frying first.  The bacon provides the grease that everything will be cooked in. Yes, I know that sounds gross… but trust me I know what I am talking about.

Once the bacon has provide some bacon fat pour some into another pan and place the potatoes in.  These can be potatoes cooked the night before and chopped up if you like for example.  Depending how you like your onions you may want to add them at the same time or shortly after.  I often wait a few minutes so the potatoes can start cooking.

As the potatoes and onion get close to being ready to serve it is time to find bacon fat and cook your eggs.  For me I start the eggs to be cooked hard first.  Eventually finishing with mine – sunnyside up and runny…very runny!



You may notice I have not mentioend the tomatoes yet. Tomatoes are a preference item.  Some like them cut on the side of the plate.  I highly recommend frying them.  If you are following my advice start them before the eggs so they will be ready.  You will notice a change in colour once they are done on each side.

The bread. Toast as you please. Personally I like to use the toast to soak up any left over yolks.  And if I have toast left it is time for the peanut butter!

Sadly we had already used up the tomatoes at dinner the night before


Thanksgiving Camping

So much to be Thankful for.  And so many great recipes! As a Canadian this is a cold time to be camping in our Native land.  Visiting our American friends this time of year is great.  It allows us to find warmer climates and visit another awesome country.

So in honour of American Thanksgiving I went looking for the best Thanksgiving camping recipe.  The problem is there are so many awesome recipes out there. As a foodie newbie I am stunned at all the mouth-watering creations a Google search brings up.

So  I thought the best thing to do was provide you links to a few of the coolest, most awesome, and interesting or yummiest recipes my search found.  Rather than copy them and create a super long blog I thought it best to introduce you to some great recipes that other amazing people are sharing.  Enjoy…

The first is

Campfire Roasted Pumpkin Rice….this looks awesome:


The ingredients list is simple.  When you read it I think you will see why I think it will taste awesome.  For great instructions on making Campfire Roasted Pumpkin Rice.

Space limits me providing a turkey recipe here.  But in my experience Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without Mom’s apple pie.  Mom makes the best apple pie ever!



Yet at the campsite there often is not an oven waiting to bake Apple pie.  So what do you do? How about Apple Crisp over the fire!


It is not as pretty.  I have had a version of this before though and it was phenomenal!  For a great camping Apple Crisp Recipe from my friends at Love the Outdoors.

I hope you get to try these recipes some time.  And if you have some to add please email them to me or post below.  We would all love to read them.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Camping is like blogging

Why is camping like blogging?


Yes…I said camping is like blogging.  I was referring to being a new camper. What is the right way to do things? Where do I park? How do I get this tent to go up? etc.  As I started blogging it was the same experience.  Where do I start?  How does this technology work? Who is going to read this? And why will this #$% thing not work! It seems some of my experiences were shared in both circumstances.




Yes I have felt like that picture, and worse during the course of both blogging and camping.  Thank God I didn’t try and do both at the same time.


My best advice is be patient.  Read the directions.  Be patient.  Watch others. Be patient with yourself. And ask other campers for help.  Yes….campers are generally the friendliest people I know.  When I forgot the connection to my BBQ another camper lent me his without thinking twice.  You will find campers always willing to help and offer advice!

Do you have any great stories about camping or the kindness of other campers.  Please share below.